Used Schmitz refrigerated semi-trailers with mileage

Schmitz refrigerated semi-trailers with mileage

Schmitz refrigerated semi-trailers are time-tested trailers. The isothermal body of the trailer is made of high-strength lightweight sandwich panels. Thermal insulation properties are created due to the polyurethane foam layer of the seal with minimal hygroscopicity, thermal conductivity, it does not age and does not rot. The Schmitz refrigerator semi-trailer is almost an ideal vehicle for the transport of complex loads that require compliance with a certain temperature regime. The German brand Schmitz, is the leader in Europe for the production of refrigerators.

The Schmitz refrigerator semi-trailer can transport up to 37 tons of payload, which makes it the most popular special transport.

Main advantages:

  • Refrigerator CARRIER;
  • Refrigerator Thermo King;
  • Reinforced side walls;
  • New circulating ventilation system;
  • Remote thermometer Euroscan.

Current offers:
2007 - 600.000
2008 - 2.000.000
2010 - 2.400.000
2014 - 3.700.000
2015 - 4.200.000
2016 - 4.800.000

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