Cargo transportation of dairy products

 Milk products

Milk products

Our transport company provides services for the transportation of chilled dairy products, as well as frozen dairy products. We carry out transportation of cheese, cottage cheese, whey, sour cream, powdered milk, butter, cream, condensed milk, ryazhenka, yogurt, processed cheese, ice cream, kefir, yogurt. Order product delivery, get acquainted with the full range of trucking services of our company, with prices and cost of services, learn more about the goods transported, as well as get acquainted with contact information and find useful articles on our website. You can always contact our dispatchers.

We carry out transportation cheap, cheap and really high quality. For a long time in the freight market, we have established ourselves as a reliable carrier. We also carry out the delivery of passing loads.

Cargo transportation of chilled dairy products is a rather frequent service provided by our company. Cheese, cottage cheese, whey, sour cream, milk powder, butter, cream, condensed milk, ryazhenka, yogurt, melted cheese, ice cream, kefir, yogurt - all these products require strict adherence to the temperature during transportation. What to say about frozen dairy products.

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